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Terms & Conditions of Web Site Usage:

You are at free will to visit Automotive Mahindra’s website to read vehicle & product information or use our online tools without letting us know who you are and without providing any personal information. The only information Automotive Mahindra collects and stores during normal Web site usage is the name of your Internet service provider, the browser (including available plug-ins and browser functionality) and the type of device you are using, the IP address, the Web site that referred you to us, the pages you request and the time and date of those requests. Automotive Mahindra makes use of this information to generate statistics and measure website activity to improve the website functionality and enhance user experience to customers and their visits. During normal Web site usage, Automotive Mahindra does not amass or store any kind of personally identifiable information such as name, mailing address, e-mail address or phone number, except in the following events.

Gathering of Personally Identifiable Information:

There are cases where Automotive Mahindra requests personally identifiable information to provide the visitor a product, service or some other information (new vehicle information alerts, promotions, mailed brochures and other promotional information). This data like name, mailing address, e-mail address, request types and at times additional information is collected and stored by Automotive Mahindra in a way suitable to the data type or information asked by the user to fulfill the request. The information provided by you is used by Automotive Mahindra to enhance the services provided to you. Automotive Mahindra never provides your information to any other firm for that firm’s independent usage. Automotive Mahindra in any circumstances will not sell your personal info or data to other companies. Users can either subscribe or unsubscribe to the Automotive Mahindra’s e-mail list at their own will. Similarly, ensure to be aware of other norms about the use of information on specific pages within the website. Notwithstanding the preceding, Automotive Mahindra shares information about the user from time to time with business associates and affiliates like its authorized Dealer body to give consistent support, service and marketing to its present, previous and potential customers.

Use of Cookies:

Cookies are information bits that a Web site transmits to an individual’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. The same applies to Automotive Mahindra and Automotive Mahindra may track user and site activity. By displaying when and how visitors use our site, cookies aid Automotive Mahindra to track those areas of the website that are aren’t popular and are popular. Many updates and improvements to the site are dependent on such information as total pages viewed and the number of visitors. Most of the browsers by default are in a positive response for cookies however if you prefer you can set your device not to accept cookies and in such instances, Automotive Mahindra will not be in a position to recognize you as a visitor as time lapses.

Third-Party Advertisements:

Automotive Mahindra may share Web site usage data about the visitors to our Web site with third-party advertising companies for the reason of targeting our internet banner advertisements on this site and other sites. For the same reason, Automotive Mahindra and Automotive Mahindra’s third-party advertising companies may note few of the pages you visit on Automotive Mahindra’s Web site through means it considers as safe and feasible. However, the data collected by our third-party advertising company through its own means is not identifiable personally by Automotive Mahindra.

Legal Terms:
Copyright/Trademark Ownership:

The data and information on this website are protected by copyright. You could only make use of the text, information, data or graphics present in this website for personal use but not adapt, reproduce, or publish the same in part or whole for any purposes without the express written consent of Automotive Mahindra.

Limitation on Scope of Content:

This Web site has information regarding Automotive Mahindra and its products and promotional programs. The Automotive Mahindra vehicles described on the site have Indian specifications and equipment and are provided for sale only in India and such other nations as may be decided by Automotive Mahindra from time to time. The promotional programs described on this website are available only in those states of India as precisely mentioned to within the explanation of the program. All prices mentioned on the website are in Indian Rupees.

No Representation or Warranty:

Your confidential use of the website cannot be guaranteed by Automotive Mahindra as such Automotive Mahindra does not take any responsibility for any harm that you or anyone who may suffer as an outcome for breaching confidentiality with regards to your usage of this website or any information you provided to this website either unknowingly or knowingly.

Automotive Mahindra has the right to alter the information on this site at its free will and at any time without any notice. Whilst Automotive Mahindra does all reasonable acts to make sure that all the information on this site is exact, accuracy can’t be guaranteed and Automotive Mahindra doesn’t take any accountability for the completeness, accuracy or authenticity of all the information furnished on this site. This site and all materials and information contained herein is provided to you “as is” with no warranty of any sort.

Hypertext Links to External Sites:

This site could possess hypertext links to other World Wide Web sites, which are totally independent and not related to this site in any way. Automotive Mahindra doesn’t make any representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, authenticity or completeness of the information contained in any such hypertext link, and any hypertext link to another entity or person shall not in any way be taken as endorsement by Automotive Mahindra of such entity’s or person’s World Wide Web site, services or products. Your linking to any other sites or other off-site pages is solely at your own risk.